DEEF Values

We thrive to adhere to the code of honesty and sincerity. We are committed to always do the right things the right way.

DEEF’s workforce is diverse with people from various cultures, backgrounds, experiences and different age groups. Our diversity enriches our experience and increases creativity and innovation.

At DEEF, employee engagement is a continuous process through clear drivers; clarity of job expectations and career path, regular feedback, quality of work relationships and effective internal rewarding and recognition. We value our employees as our most important asset.

We strive to achieve excellence in all our practices. Strive to continuous improvement in all what we do is our passion. Continuous process development is an ongoing process.

At DEEF, we listen to our pride ourselves of being a flexibility organization where management is always in close contact not only with staff, but also with partners, vendors, and customers. We are open towelcome feedback, critique and suggestions. We believe and recognize change is as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

DEEF provides opportunities for all individuals to grow and excel in both their professional and personal lives. We believe in growing collectively benefiting individuals and the company. DEEF has established the foundations for regional presence with registrations and active sales in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and Tanzania. Contacts to have agents in other countries are underway.

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