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Founded in 2007, DEEF was established with the vision of becoming a key contributor to the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia and the region, in addition to playing an effective role in building the knowledge-based economy of the country.

To accommodate the swift changes in our market, strategy, regulatory advances and intricacies, DEEF has undergone restructuring in 2012. New teams have been recruited to carry on their shoulders the legacies of success as well as versatile multidisciplinary proficiencies.

It’s our determination to relentlessly work on leveraging our core competencies, exert more to helping our community, spread the values of team spirit among our colleagues and achieve sustainable growth of DEEF.

We have renovated our facility, enriched and diversified our product line, started to penetrate new export markets and inked agreements with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

To ascertain quality and comply with regulations, DEEF’s site has successfully been audited for cGMP by numerous regulatory authorities such as SFDA, GCCO, Sudan, and Tanzania health authorities.

DEEF aspires to become among the top pharmaceutical companies in Saudi Arabia and I can confidently state that we are going in the right direction.

DEEF has jumped 8 ranks in the Saudi pharmaceuticals market during the last two years.

We will passionately continue our momentum, diligently develop our transformation, and assiduously perpetuate our success.

Khalid Oraini
Managing Director

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