Propylene glycol, Glycerin,
Dexpanthenol, Disodium EDTA,
Activated Dimethicone 30%, Trisodium citrate,
Sorbic acid, Imidurea, Cremophor A25,
Cetostearyl alcohol, Cetomacrogol 1000,
Sorbitan monostearate , Light liquid paraffin,
White soft paraffin, Vitamin E acetate oil ,
Purified water 


is used to moisturize sensitive, irritated and intensely dry skin

Dosage and Administration

Hydrophil Moisturizing Lotion and Cream will supply the skin with the highest quality moisturizing ingredients, dramatically boosting the skin's ability to hold in moisture.
Hydrophil Moisturizing Lotion and Cream enable skin to show up, become and remain healthy, soft and smooth.
Hydrophil Moisturizing Lotion and Cream are excellent for hands, face and entire body. 
Neither Hydrophil Moisturizing Lotion nor Cream contains lanolin, fragrance, parabens nor coloring agents so it can be applied to face safely. 
Hydrophil Moisturizing Lotion and Cream have cosmetic properties; it is easy to apply, pleasant to use, washable with water, and stainless to clothing. 
Hydrophil Moisturizing Lotion and Cream are well tolerated, without perfumes, and the composition is formulated to decrease the risk of allergy. 
• Moisturize your skin when you step out of the shower or bath, carefully dry off without rubbing too hard.
• Apply Hydrophil Moisturizing Lotion or Cream to your skin while it's still damp to increase the skin ability to retain moisture, keeping it delightfully soft and smooth.

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