Active ingredients: 
Lidocaine 2.5% w/w 
Prilocaine 2.5% w/w 


Lidocaine & prilocaine belong to groups of medicines called common local anesthetic Ennla cream is applied to: 
Intact skin prior to minor dermatological procedures (e.g. needle insertion and surgical treatment of localised lesions) and prior to dermal procedures on larger areas e.g.
split skin grafting.
- Dermal procedures on newly shaven skin of large body areas e.g. laser hair removal.
- Topical anaesthesia of the genital mucosa, e.g. prior to superficial surgical procedures or prior to infiltration anaesthesia of mucosa.
- Topical anaesthesia of leg ulcers to facilitate mechanical cleansing/debridement.

Dosage and Administration

Always use Ennla cream exactly as your doctor has told you.
You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.
The dose has been prescribed will depend on the treatment plan.
How to use Ennla cream:
- Adults: A thick layer of Ennla cream is applied on the skin and covered it with occlusive dressing.
- Children: Apply a thick layer of Ennla cream with occlusive dressing for 30- 60 minutes.
If you apply more Ennla cream than you should:
Prilocaine in high doses may cause an increase in the methaemoglobin plasma levels (abnormal haemoglobin of the blood), if this happened,
it should be treated with a slow intravenous injection of methylene blue.
If large amount was accidently swallowed, talk to your doctor or go to the hospital immediately. 
If you forget to use Ennla cream:  
If you forget to apply your cream, apply it after you discuss with your doctor.
If you stop using Ennla cream: 
If you are using the cream, do not stop using it without discussing with your doctor.
If you have any further question on the use of this product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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