ALONASE Nasal Spray


Each 1ml contain: 
Sodium chloride    5 mg، Benzalkonium chloride     0.15 mg



Alonase nasal spray contains
Saline solution to relieve nasal congestion

Dosage and Administration

• Adults and children over 6 years: 
2 to 6 times daily 1-2 sprays in each nostril. 
• Infants and young children up to 6 years:
2 - 6 times daily 1 spray in each nostril. 
Route of administration
1- Clean the nose carefully and thoroughly.
2- Remove the protective cap.
3- Hold the nasal spray vertically and 
press several times on the spray head 
( in the first use) (See Figure 1).
Adults and children 6 Years:
1-Tilt the head to the side and run the 
spray head into one of your nostrils.
2- Keep the bottle in vertical position.
3- Spray deep into the nostril by pressing 
down once the spray head. It is recommended to 
breathe in through the nose and block 
the other opening nose, at the same time

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